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International Medical Insurance Quotes for USA Citizens and Non US Citizens : ages 14 days to age 80 and over.

for medical benefits and hospital expenses. emergency evacuation, repatriation and AD&D, acts of terrorism and more.

Also group travel and medical insurance for USA immigrants, students or other visitors to the USA.

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Medical Insurance

Medical and Hospital Expenses
with $5,000,000 life time benefits
or up to $1,000,000 per trip.
All Plans offer numerous extra benefits
AD&D, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation.
Diagnostics, Complimentary Medicines,
Maternity Benefits and More.
Understanding Travel
Insurance Jargon

Helpful Insurance Primer
Glossary of Insurance Terms

Important Air Travel Safety News

What You Cannot Take on Board,
New Airline Baggage Rules.
Compensation for Flight Delays:
Review of USA and European Airlines.
Avian Flu Risks for Air Travelers.

Travel Safety Advice

Dealing with Jet Lag, Blood Clots
and Motion Sickness.

Coping With Travelers Diarrhea
coping with (and avoiding) diarrhea
and more serious infections from parasites, bacteria and viruses

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Travel - Medical

Travel and Medical Emergencies
Lost Luggage, Trip Interruption,
Emergency Medical Evacuation,
Hospital and Medical Expenses.
Medical coverage for injuries following
Acts of Terrorism and Natural Disaster,
AD&D, Repatriation and much more.
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Liaison International Medical Insurance

Reside Worldwide Medical Insurance

IMG Global Medical Insurance

Atlas Medical Insurance

International Citizen Medical Insurance

International Citizen Economy

Liaison Travel Insurance

Atlas Travel Insurance

Atlas Group Travel Insurance

Patriot Travel Insurance

Patriot Group Travel Insurance

Insuractive Travel Insurance

USA Visitors and Immigrants Other International Insurance
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Inbound USA Visitors Insurance

USA Immigrant Medical Insurance

Travelers Malaria Risks
Avoiding Malaria and Symptoms
Malaria Zones

Hazardous / Extreme Sports Insurance

International Term Life Insurance

International Students Insurance

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Advanced satellite-based air traffic control system will likely enhance airline safety
Interview with CKTB radio of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada where Todd Curtis discussed how an in improved, satellite-based air traffic control system may enhance airline safety.

The Conversation at #7 for February 16, 2006 - How to Make a Successful Air Travel Complaint offers basic advice for making complaints about your air travel experience and how to document a complaint to give you the best chance of getting compensation.

BBC interview about new and harsher FAA rules concerning lasers (Audio - MP3)
The BBC program The World Today interviewed Dr. Todd Curtis about the June 1, 2011 announcement by FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt that the FAA would start imposing fines of up to $11,000 on people who point lasers at aircraft. For more information on airline safety, visit ...

NTSB Hearings on the Buffalo Plane Crash (Audio - MP3)
On May 12th, 2009, the NTSB began a three-day public hearing about its ongoing investigation into the fatal February 2009 crash of a Continental Connection airliner in Buffalo, NY. Among the issues that came up were the possible roles of crew fatigue and crew training in the accident. During the ...

Interview on KIQI radio about the risk of catching Ebola on an airplane
Todd Curtis is interviewed by radio station KIQI of San Francisco where he discussed the risk of getting infected by Ebola in an airplane, and why air travel bans may not protect the US from Ebola. Interview is in both English and Spanish.

Crash of Patagonia Airlines Cessna Caravan in Chile on 7 June 2008 (audio - MP3)
This show features an Al-Jazeera broadcast of the recovery of the surviving passengers four days after the crash. The only death was to the pilot, who died two days after the crash.

Air France Flight 447 the BBC Interviews (Audio - MP3)
This show features two interviews with Vincent Dowd from the BBC World Service and Dr Todd Curtis of They discussed several issues surrounding the crash of Air France Flight 447, including differences in flight control philosophy between Airbus and Boeing, how aircraft manufacturers ...

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