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Canadian Travel and Medical Insurance

IMG Plan Descriptions

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International Medical Group
U.S. citizens, Canadians and foreign nationals who
need temporary and long term medical and travel
insurance while traveling for business or pleasure.
Coverage includes medical evacuation, repatriation,
choice of deductible and policy limits, and experienced
U.S. based claims paying abilities.
Travelguard Travel InsuranceAll Risks Travel Insurance For Canadian Residents

Travelguard Travel Insurance


Medjet Medical Evacuation for Canadians

HTH Trip Protection for Canadians

Students Travel Insurance for Candians

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Other Travel Medical Plans  

SRI Plan Descriptions

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Liaison International Insurance - Specialty Risk (SRI)
Medical Insurance for people of ANY Nationality
traveling outside their home country for trips between
15 days and 3 years. Immediate coverage is available
Print your ID Card immediately.
Get A Quote for Inbound USA Inbound USA
Medical Insurance For Non US Citizens:

Tourism - Business Trips - Students - Immigrants
Who come to the USA for:- 1 Month to 3 years
Business, Pleasure, Study or Immigration
Inbound Immigrant - USA:- 1 Month to 5 years
Canadian Auto Insurance
Canadian Auto Insurance Get comparative quotes from multiple automobile and
motorcycle Insurance Companies.
Compare benefits and costs.
Auto insurance rates for these Canadian provinces:
Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia
and Prince Edward Island.
Canadian Mortgage and Life Insurance
Canadian Life Insurance and Mortgage Insurance Compare multiple life insurance quotes.
Compare Term 10, Term 20 or Term to 100
For mortgage insurance and life insurance.

Canadian Car Loans and Leases
Swapalease USA and Canada Canadian New Car Buyer's Checklist
If you can't afford your car any more - Get out of your Car or other vehicle Lease
or take over a lease at reduced terms. There are some great deals here.
Did you know it's possible to transfer an auto lease saving both the buyer and seller
thousands of dollars? Swapalease provides an exciting way for auto buyers to get late model,
low mileage vehicles for the short term. Click on "sell your lease" to learn how they can help
you get out of your lease and save you thousands of dollars.
They bring buyers and sellers together, and guide them through the entire lease transfer.
Find Cars or an - SUV - Trucks and Vans in USA and Canada.

Canadian auto dealers

Car Costs Canada

Take a look at the "Canadian new car buyer's checklist"

See dealer invoice prices, rebates, incentives and the actual dealer cost on virtually

every new car and light truck sold in Canada. 

Lease -v- Buy
Comprehensive explanation of vehicle buying
versus leasing information.

Extended vehicle warranties:
You can order a full coverage warranty for
your vehicle to supplement your new vehicle.
Manufacturer Warranty
8 different plans to choose from:

Up to 7 Years or 160,000 kilometers 
Comprehensive coverage
Disappearing Deductible*
Rental car allowance
Road Hazard Tire coverage
Trip Interruption allowance 
North America wide coverage
Plans are underwritten by ACE INA Insurance

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Canadian international travel insurance

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