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USA Residents : How To Get Back Dated Tax Refunds


Tax Information for Freelance and Home Employed in the USA


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Special ALERT to ALL Home-Based Business Owners - Back Dated Tax Refunds:

Congress has passed Legislation telling the IRS to give Thousands of Dollars in Tax Refunds and Deductions to ANYONE who qualifies by operating an honest small or home-based business with an intent to make a profit – even a part time business.

You can even qualify for these deductions retroactively! Most of the tax deductions and write-offs now available to taxpayers who run a small or home-based business, also apply to the past three tax years. So if you had a home-business in any of the past three years, you could file an Amended Tax Return (Form 1040X), and possibly get a Refund Check for THOUSANDS of DOLLARS – plus interest!

YOU MAY QUALIFY for Refunds and Deductions ...
IF you have a legitimate business
such as consulting, network marketing, freelancing, child care, internet marketing, direct sales, etc.
IF you can prove you intend to make a profit.
You do not have to actually make a profit before qualifying to take these deductions,
but you do have to show you intend to make a profit.
IF you “regularly and consistently” work your business.
IF you document your business Income, Expenses and Activity.

If you need tax planning and consulting, filing Personal and Business Tax Returns, filing Amended Returns, etc.,

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Payroll Reports Can be Tricky
Hiring your spouse and kids can have huge tax benefits! But there are some compliance issues you need to deal

with – like withholding taxes, filing Forms 941, 940, W-3, W-2, etc.

These aren’t difficult if you want to take the time to ‘learn the ropes.’

Or you could focus on building your business and letting a Payroll Service handle this for you. Click HERE for Details

Make SURE your Health Cost Reimbursement Benefit Plan is IRS-Compliant.
Providing your Spouse/Employee with an Employee Benefit called a “Self-Insured Health Care Reimbursement Plan,” can be worth thousands of dollars in tax deductions. But you need to follow the specific steps outlined in

“It’s How Much You KEEP, That Counts! Not how much you Make.”

Or you could focus on building your business and letting your new tax pro handle this for you.
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Incorporate Today for $25 plus state fees

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American Incorporators

Corporations and LLCs can take advantage of tax savings options that are not available to sole proprietorships or partnerships. Select Domestic if you are located within the continental United States.
If outside the USA, select International If you wish to Register a Delaware Incorporation

Types of Incorporation
Ordinary Corporation
Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Non-Profit Corporation
Delaware Corporation

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