Free BMI Calculator: Calculates Your Body Mass Index
Herbal Weight Loss Remedies - Fitness Equipment - Diet Medications.

BMI Calculator and Herbal Weight Loss - Fitness Equipment and Diet Medications


Free BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index Calculator) calculate your body mass index,
is your weight healthy ?  find out if your prone to health risks.

Enter your height and your weight and this Free BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index Calculator)
can use a formula (created by the Panel on Energy, Obesity and Body Weight Standards) to
calculate your Body Mass Index, and tell you if your current weight is healthy.
This index classifies you into one of several weight categories,
which include the following:
underweight, desirable, prone to health risks or obese.

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Free Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Weight: lbs. Height: Ft. Ins.

Your Body Mass Index is:

According to the Panel on Energy, Obesity and Body Weight Standards, published by
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, your weight category is:

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