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Prescription Drug Index: Listing Medications by Health Condition.
All medications available from the featured pharmacies require no prescription.

Pharmacy and MedicinesGeneral Health AdviceAlternative Health

Overseas and European Pharmacies

Pharmacy Terms and Delivery Options

All Prescription Drugs By Category

Best Selling Medications

Eye Care, Glasses and Contact Lenses

All RSS Feeds

Acne and Other Skin Disorders

Allergies and Prevention

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Cancer Medications and Side Effects

BMI Calculator is your weight healthy?

Diabetes Care

Diet and Supplements for Alzheimers

Diet and Supplements for Cancer

Diseases and Conditions

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Elderly Care and Nursing Homes

Exercise and Calorie Calculator

Healthy Recipes Low in Fat

Impaired, Elderly and Disabled Devices

Incontinence Supplies

Lesbian Health Advice - HPV Risks

Long Term Care Insurance - Tax Rules

Natural Infertility Supplements

Pregnancy Calculator

Reducing Dietary Fat and Nutrition

Travel Health

Travel Insurance

Avoiding Mosquito-borne Diseases

Coping With Traveler's Diarrhea

Diarrhea caused by E-coli

Diarrhea caused by Shigellosis

Jet Lag, Blood Clots, Motion Sickness

Malaria Zones

Malaria Prevention

Malaria Drugs

E Coli - Symptoms & Diagnosis

Shigellosis (Bacillary Dysentery)


Men's Health Index

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Sexual Enhancement Products

Impotence Causes

Male Infertility and Sperm Count

Kidney and Urinary - Gout

Alternative Remedies

Diet and Alzheimers

Herbal Infertility Aids

Homeopathic: Vitamins/ Supplements

Hypnosis & Weight Loss

Androgens, Diuretics, EstrogensGastric Health

Androgens - Anti Estrogens A-C

Anadiol and Arimidex to Clomid

Hormones - Diuretics D-L

Femara to Florinef and HCG

Hormones - Anti Estrogens T-Z

Pregnyl to Testosterone

Gastric Drugs A-C

Aciphex and Asacol to Cytotec

Gastric Drugs D-M

Detrol and Losec to Motilium

Gastric Drugs N-P

Nexpro and Nexium to Protonix

Gastric Drugs Q-Z

Ranitidine to Zantac and Zofran

Anti Fungals and AntiviralsCholesterol and Diabetes

Anti Fungal Drugs

Candid and Ciclopirox to Diflucan

Gris-peg to Lamisil

Mycostatin and Nizoral to Penlac

Sporanox  to Voriconazole and Vfend

Antiviral Drugs A-D

Aldara to Condyline and Denavir

Antiviral Drugs E-Z

Famvir and Rebetol to Valtrex

Drugs for Avian Flu


to Tamiflu

Cholesterol Drugs A-L

Atorvastatin to Lescol

Cholesterol Drug M-Z

Mevacor and Meformin to Zocor

Diabetes Drugs A-D

Actos and Avandia to Diamicron

Diabetes Drugs E-L

Gliclazide + Glucophage to Glucovance

Diabetes Drugs M-Z

Metformin and Prandin to Starlix

Anti DepressantsAntibiotics

Antidepressants A

Amitriptyline and Anafranil to Asendin

Depression Drugs B-C

Bupropion to Celexa and Cymbalta

Depression Drugs D-E

Diazepam to Effexor XR

Antidepressants F-M

Fluoxetine to Lexapro and Mirtazapine

Antidepressants N-P

Nortriptyline to Paxil and Prozac

Antidepressants Q- S

Remeron to Sertraline

Antidepressants T-W

Tofranil to Valium and Wellbutrin SR

Antidepressants X-Z

Xanax to Zoloft and Zyban

Also see: Chantix and Champix
for smoking cessation.

Click Here to Buy Chantix (Varenicline)

Antibiotics A

Amoxicillin, Ampicillin to Azithromycin

Antibiotics B

Bactrim and Bactroban to Biaxin

Antibiotics C

Cadithro and Ceftin to Ceclor

Clarithromycin and Cipro to Cleocin

Antibiotics D-E

Dalacin, Doxycycline to Erythromycin

Antibiotics F-K

Flagyl and Floxin to Illosone

Ketek and Kantrex to Keflex

Antibiotics L-M

Lamprene, Levaquin to Metronidazole

Minomycin to Mupirocin

Antibiotics N-P

Nifuran and Norfloxacin

Ospamox to Penicillin

Antibiotics R-Z

Rocephin and Sumycin to Suprax

Tetracycline and Tobrex to Zithromax

Anxiety Drugs - InsomniaCancer Drugs and HIV Drugs

Sleep Aids and Insomnia Drugs A-B

Alprazolam and Ambien to Buspar

Sleep Aids and Anxiety Drugs C-D

Clonazepam and Diazepam to Doxepin

Sleep Aids and Anxiety Drugs E-L

Flurazepam to Imovane

Lexapro and Librium to Lorazepam

Sleep Aids and Anxiety Drugs M-T

Melatonin to Oxazepam and Praxiten

Rozarem to Restoril and Rivotril

Tranxilium to Sonata

Sleep Aids and Anxiety Drugs U-Z

Valium, Xanax, Zolpidem, Zopiclone

Cancer Drugs

Arimidex and Femara to Nolvadex


HIV Drugs

Combivir - Epivir - Retrovir

Sustiva - Viramune - Zerit - Ziagen


Mental HealthWomen's Health

Anti Psychotics - ADHD Drugs A-D

Abilify and Clonazepam to Dumirox

Anti Psychotics - ADHD Drugs E-J

Eskazine and Geodon to Haldol

Anti Psychotics - ADHD Drugs K-O

Klonopin and Modafinil to Olanzapine

Anti Psychotics - ADHD Drugs P-Z

Risperdal and Strattera to Zyprexa

Dementia and Alzheimers

Aricept and Exelon to Memantine

Drugs, Alcohol Abuse

Naltrexone and Naloxone to Revia

Epilepsy and Seizures

Carbamazepine to Encorate

Lamictal and Nitrazepam to Neurontin

Rivotril and Tegretol to Valparin

Women's Health - Index

Birth Control and Contraceptives

Alesse to Duofem and Marvelon

Microgynon to Nordette

Provera and Triphasil to Yasmin

Conjugated Estrogens - Menopause

Premarin and Prempro

Climara to Estradiol and Estraderm

Female Infertility Drugs

Clomid and Duphaston to Menogon

Osteoporosis Drugs

Actonel to Evista and Fosamax

Women's Sexual Health

Clitoral Stimulation Gels

Climatique and Viacreme.

Allergies and Asthma MedicationsErectile Dysfunction Skin Medications

Allergy Drugs A-L

Allegra and Atarax to Flonase

Allergy Drugs M-Z

Nasacort to Phenergan and Zyrtec

Asthma Drugs A

Asthma Drugs B-D

Asthma Drugs F-R

Asthma Drugs S-Z

Mens Sexual Drugs A-Z

Caverject, Alprostadil, Cialis,

Forzest, Intagra, Kamagra,

Levitra, Penegra, Silagra,

Tadalafil, Vardenafil

Viagra and Zenegra

Skin Care Drugs A-C

Accutane, Benzac, Cleocin T

Skin Care Drugs D-E

Daivonex and Dovonex to Elidel

Skin Care Drugs F-O

Isotretinoin and Isotrex

Skin Care Drugs P-Z

Protopic and Retin A

Pain Medications - Muscle RelaxantsWeight Loss Drugs High Blood Pressure - Heart Drugs

Pain Medications A

Allopurinol and Arcoxia to Azorin

Pain Medications B-C

Butalbital to Cyclobenzaprine

All Codeine Drugs

Pain Medications D-E

Darvocet, Darvon to Esgic Plus

Pain Medications F-H

Feldene and Flexeril to Hydralazine

Pain Medications I-L

Imitrex, Inderal to Lyrica

Pain Medications M-O

Maxalt and Mobic to Orudis

Pain Medications P-Q

Paracetamol to Prednisone

Pain Medications R-U

Relpax and Soma to to Ultracet

Pain Medications V-Z

Valpro and Voltaren to Zanaflex

Weight Loss Drugs A-M

Adipex, Ephedrine, Florinef

Furosemide, Meridia

Weight Loss Drugs N-Z

Phentermine, Reductil, Regenon

Sibutramine, Tenuate, Xenical

Beta Blockers

Blood Pressure Drugs A

Accupril, Aceon Atenolol and Avapro

Blood Pressure Drugs B-C

Benace, Capoten Cardizem to Cozaar

Blood Pressure Drugs D-E

Diltiazem to Enalapril

Blood Pressure Drugs F-K

Felodipine and Hytrin to Inderal

Blood Pressure Drugs L-M

Lasix and Lisinopril to Monopril

Blood Pressure Drugs N-Z

Norvasc and Plavix to Zestril

Other DrugsSports and Fitness Diet and Weight Loss Aids

Fertility Drugs

Clomid, Duphaston and Menopur HMG

Anti Malaria Drugs

Aralen + Lariam to Nivaquine + Riamet

Sports Supplements

Carb Blockers, DHEA, Fat Burners

BMI - Weight Calculator

Diet Aids and Health

Exercise and Calorie Calculator

Healthy Recipes Low in Fat

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